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Malgor & Co., Inc. was officially established on July 1st. of 1926 in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. It started its operations in what is called today Old San Juan. The founders of the firm, all with equal share were: Antonio Malgor Méndez, Antonio Méndez Malgor and Salvador Font Crespo. Both Antonio’s were blood related and emigrants from Asturias which is a province in the northern part of Spain.

At the time of its foundation, the principal lines that Malgor traded were: rice, bacon, butter, flours, garlic, onions, potatoes, sugar and grains. Al of the sales took place by wholesale only. These products were both from national derivation and from importations of countries overseas such a United States, Spain, Canada and others. The principal characteristic of the firm was that all merchandise bought came always marked with the name of “Malgor”.

As the time passed by, the founders thought that there was bigger future in the field of manufacturing and started b bottling olive oil from Spain under the brand name of “Canario” which later became the principal brand name of the firm. The manufacturing activities increased in importance as shortly after Malgor also decided to bottle vegetable oil under the brand name of “Campana”. Afterwards, the partners decided to expand its manufacturing lines and started to produce cooking wine under the brand name of “Canario”. In 1945, Jose Garcia Malgor (1935) joined the company as a partner, in 1943 he was also a family member of the founders Antonio Malgor and Antonio Mendez.

Malgor continued its growth up to the point where its facilities hindered its progressive development. Then in 1949, the firm moved to another building located in front of wharf three which its previous tenant was the Bacardi distillery. Shortly after, Malgor commenced the operation of packing olives and capers and created the world renowned product of “Alcaparrado” (mixture of olives, capers and red peppers) all under the brand name of “Canario”. Furthermore, as a complement to the manufacturing and bottling wines of wines, Malgor proceeded to bottle other alcoholic beverages. More specifically, it started to produce different types of liquors such as Anis Canario, Gin Tres Castillos and the well known Anis Escarchado Tres Castillos, the last being a liqueur specially mentioned in various critic’s books as one of the prominent anisettes and which for many years had been produced in very limited quantities for the consumption of only family members and close friends.

Malgor also focused on the distribution of other Puerto Rican products not manufactured by the firm as for instance different variety liquors such as local well known brands of Palo Viejo and Ron Llave. As years passed by, Malgor experienced further growth and the building once again became too small for its operations and decided in 1973 to move to Cataño, a town near San Juan. This time Malgor decided to design and plan the industrial warehouse property to accommodate present and future warehousing and manufacturing needs.

The building with an area of 160,000 square feet has an excellent location close to the port of San Juan which is Puerto Rico’s principal port terminal. Also, the building has easy access to major highways and roads allowing good transportation reach to the whole island. The Canario line, continue to grow and today covers products such as adobo Criollo, Corned Beef, Pimientos, Luncheon Meat, and many others. Other well known brands created throughout the years are Maizete corn oil and Gitana seasonings line.

Now enjoying ample infrastructure allowed to rapidly introduce new products in the company. Malgor also increased its representations with well recognized brands not owned by the fir. The combination of these factors contributed to rapid sales growth making Malgor & Co., Inc. to be one of the most important distributors in the island.